Role: Research, UX Design, UI Design

Project Scope: 10 days

Tools: Pen & paper, Figma

Challenge: Build a tracking app focusing on mental health

Background: Our fifth project at Ironhack Berlin required my lovely partner, Sabrina Baschinski, and I to “identify an opportunity for an app to improve people’s day-to-day…

For my second Ironhack Bootcamp challenge, I was asked to reverse engineer a popular application. I chose Bandcamp for Artists — an app I use regularly and feel I could learn from working backwards through the design process. …

nice work, Guillorme! (:

As part of the pre-work for the Ironhack UX Design Bootcamp, we were asked to practice the design thinking process by prototyping a solution to a problem users face while using the app, “Citymapper”. Citymapper is a transportation app used for intra-city multi-modal routing and mapping. The company wishes to…

Kirstin Edwards

UX Designer, dream-pop artist, & bookworm.

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